May 2023


o1] Astrology by Lisa Stardust Jupiter in Taurus squares Pluto retrograde in Aquarius on May 17, aiming to heighten our ambition. The Taurus Sun connects with Neptune in Pisces on May 18, allowing us to get lost in a daydream. Mercury in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces harmonize on May 19, urging us to hold our tongues before expressing ourselves impulsively. The Taurus New Moon on May 19 offers a fresh start and opportunity to begin again. Mars enters Leo on the morning of May 20, pushing us to take action towards attaining what we love. Later in the day, Mars and Pluto retrograde oppose each other, causing temperamental meltdowns and power struggles. The Sun glides into Gemini on May 21, making us communicate effectively. Hours later, the Sun and Pluto retrograde link up, creating a dynamic and exciting vibe. The Sun aspects Mars on May 22, energizing our lives. Mars and Jupiter square off on May 23, bringing optimism and courage to our spirit.

Witch tip:

Make New Moon water on May 19. Set a cup or bucket of water by the window or outside and let it absorb the lunar energy. Place a label on the bottle that states the date, sign, and phase of the lunation. You can save the water for abundance spells, self-care regimens, or glamor spells. You can use it now, if you desire to, by adding it to your planets and gardening routine. This magical water will help your intentions grow, while the plants and flowers begin to bloom.


Colleagues and contacts might start reaching out for work out-of-the-blue, making it a fantastic week for planning and getting things ready for you to make a re-entrance in the very near future. Make sure that you're being compensated for the amount of work and time you're putting into these ventures.


There is an unfolding happening before you, a re-birthing process so to speak. You'll feel renewed as the new moon glides through your sign, giving you a wondrous sense of accomplishment. Whatever dream you manifest can become a reality -- so set the intention that most aligns with your current visions.


Try not to get too caught up in other people's lives. The issue is that you can become super involved in helping others and not spending enough time improving your life. Be a helping hand to those you care about without letting it consume your energy throughout the week.


If you're longing to reconnect with old peers, you'll have a lot of luck recreating the relationship that you once had. Use this week as an opportunity to align with those with whom you've lost touch with. Reminisce about the past and share a few laughs while forging a friendship.


This week brings luck to your career, allowing you to ask for a raise or promotion. As long as you're direct about what you want -- it will define happen. Stand strong with confidence when you ask for advancement in order to show others that you're capable of achieving anything.


If you've been longing for an adventure, now is the time to make your daydreams come alive. Start making plans and take action to explore the world and to learn about different philosophies. With an open mind and heart, you can make your personal vision quest come alive in reality.


You're a butterfly, who wants to spread your wings and fly. The caveat is that you have to embrace the changes and personal metamorphosis that are currently happening in order to fully evolve emotionally. Once you do so, you can totally open yourself up to new possibilities and completely transform.


The time to discuss and define your intentions regarding relationships is now. Rather then run away from having emotional conversations, try to be open to them in order to move partnerships forward and to heal the past -- especially if there are old wounds that need to be mended right now.


Recently, you've been super reflective about the past -- which has held you back from moving onward and forward in life. Now, you have the momentum to give your all -- without looking back. Lean into your innate talents and start manifesting your desires to achieve greatness in your pursuits.


This is your moment to step out of your comfort zone. Instead of doing the same thing over-and-over everyday, you can opt to mix your daily routine up. The result of doing so will awaken your heart and spirit, giving you the stamina to breathe new energy into your life.


Home is where your heart is, which is why it's important to connect with your dwelling. Give it some TLC by doing repairs or a touch of spring cleaning. The more kindness and time you spend on maintaining your home, the purer and lighter the vibe will be for you.


You are now entering your busy era. Previously, you had a lot of time to complete projects and tasks. Suddenly, your calendar is popping with appointments, meetings, and get-togethers, making you the most sought after fish in the sea. Enjoy your popularity and try to have fun in the moment.