Jun 2023


o1] Astrology by Lisa StardustVenus in Leo squares the Nodes of Destiny on June 8, asking us to make decisions about the future of our relationships. The following day, Mercury in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces harmonize, bringing us a new vision of love. June 10's Last Quarter Moon in Pisces asks us to release the past and move forward. Pluto retrograde backtracks into Capricorn, allowing us to relive the events that unfolded in March. Mercury and Pluto retrograde connect on June 11, escalating intense conversations and moments, as well as jealousies. Mercury enters Gemini on June 11, bringing intellect and clarity our way.

Witch tip

Use June 10th's Last Quarter Moon to cleanse your energy. Take a bath with Epsom salt, roses, mint, and cinnamon sticks to recharge your energy. Bring all ingredients with water to a boil in a pot, then strain out the ingredients. Let the remaining water sit in the pot until it's room temperature, and pour over your shoulders going downward to your toes in the shower. This will help heal and revamp your overall vibe while releasing negativity.


This week's energy is making you feel almost defeatist and more reluctant to lead. At moments like this, you might give away your power, if you are not too careful. No matter what happens, always stand tall and proud of your accomplishments, and never let anyone take away your glory.


Positive changes are manifesting around you throughout the week. This means that you could feel the need to jump into the unknown and take more risks than you are generally comfortable with taking. Try to move outside your comfort zone with ease and take baby steps so you aren't overwhelmed.


The celestial energy is allowing you to feel more free-spirited and relaxed. This can add some carefree point, that is quite invigorating for your passions. Listen to what your heart is saying and then try to make these desires a priority. Be at one with the most authentic version of yourself.


There is a tug-of-war that's now in existence. The continuous push and pull can create many issues unless someone drops the ball. The odds are that your opponent is tired of fighting over spilled milk and is letting you win this round. Stay tuned because the argument is temporarily on pause.


You may be experiencing burnout at the moment, which is holding you back from completing all of your tasks. Inspiration will come to you from an unlikely source and motivate you toward greatness. Have faith in the creative process and yourself to bring excellence back into your life this week.


You have a lot of experience under your belt, which is why it'll be easy for you to get the green light on personal advancements. The caveat is that it'll take time for your hopes and goals to come into play -- all the more reason why patience is key.


The ritual of routine is helping you balance out your life and bring sweeping to your overall vibe. As long as you adhere to a regular schedule, you'll be able to hit your stride and be extra energized in all of the activities you undertake at this moment in time.


Your instincts may not be as strong as they usually are -- mostly due to the lack of rest you're experiencing. Take time out of your busy schedule for R & R. Once you catch up with your beauty sleep, you'll be recharged and fair to deal with situations that don't feel right, and trust your gut.


It takes the bigger person to admit when they're wrong. Fortunately, you have no problem with that. When a colleague can't own up to their mistakes, it'll manufacture professional problems that could benefit from mediation with an outside party. Doing so will mend fences and create a better work environment.


Triangular situations that escalated back in March are coming back for the second part of the drama. Use the wisdom and insights you've gained in the past months to squash issues and make amends. You will be surprised by how much you've grown and evolved in the past four months.


Although you are ready to speak your truth, it may be hard for your peers to hear and do the same as you. They are living in a bubble and you are in reality. This behavior could affect your friendships with them in the future. Keep being 100% authentic.


Speaking from the heart and letting your incentives be known to others will put your goals in full gear. Now, you can take steps towards making your dreams a reality, instead of keeping them buried within your soul and mind. With a gentle cosmic push, you can make anything happen.