You Pulled the Empress Tarot Card – Now What?

You Pulled the Empress Tarot Card – Now What?
Jul 2022

The Empress is one of those cards that everyone likes to see in a reading!
There's something comforting and nurturing about the sight of The Empress. The maternal energy this card exudes just bounces right at you!
As the third card of the Major Arcana, The Empress comes just before her counterpart, The Emperor, and right after the High Priestess.

What Does The Empress Card Mean?
The Empress is about nurture, nature, and abundance. Here are the common meanings associated with The Empress Tarot card:
Caring for others
Enjoying luxury
Health and wealth
Giving pleasure and receiving it in return
Embracing nature
Feeling connected to the Earth
Being tender
Creative thinking and the birth of creative projects
What Does The Empress Mean in Love & Relationships?
In love and relationship readings, The Empress is usually a good sign.
If this card shows up for how someone feels for you, it means they have nurturing and loving feelings towards you. They want to take care of you and protect you from the world.
This person's feelings for you are strong, powerful, and loving. These are not fly-by-night feelings. There is a strong urge towards nurture here.
If The Empress appears in the position of how someone sees you, it means they think you have got it all! Looks, personality, a kind heart, wisdom, and good health--you are the perfect partner for this person.
There is a chance they have put you on a pedestal so if you do not know this person very well, be aware that they may be idealizing you from afar.
If The Empress Tarot card appears in the position of what they want to happen between you in a relationship, it means they want to commit to you and enjoy a loving and deep relationship with you. There is the possibility of marriage with this card and it is also a strong card for pregnancy and having children. They may feel you would make a good mother and they want you to be the mother of their children.
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What Does The Empress Mean in a Career Reading?
In a career reading, The Empress indicates a job taking care of children, or nurturing others--such as nursing--or a career where you are focused on physical health, such as a nutritionist.
The Empress can represent a person who will help and guide you with your career and offer strong emotional support.
As this is a card of powerful emotional support, it could indicate that you are in need of some comfort with regard to your career right now, and seeking emotional support therapy is a good idea, especially if this card turns up in the advice position.
The Empress as an Obstacle
In the obstacle position, The Empress indicates that you have been smothered with too much love or protection and that you may struggle in areas of your life where you need to stand on your own two feet.
The downside to The Empress--particularly in a reversed position--is that she can be too smothering.
As an obstacle, The Empress indicates that you need to find your independence and not be too reliant on others to make decisions for you.
The Empress in Reverse
Reversed, the positive meanings associated with this card change dramatically.
Reversed, The Empress is overbearing, suffocating, and interfering. This may be a person who is interfering too much in your relationships (such as an overbearing mother-in-law) or someone who is being too controlling in your life.
As a reversed card, The Empress no longer takes care of her physical health and becomes lazy and slovenly.
The reversed Empress can also highlight creativity blocks and indicate that your creative energy is being stifled in some way.
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How to Make The Empress Card Work for You
If you want to harness the loving and nurturing power of The Empress card, try the following:
1. Affirmations
Repeating positive affirmations associated with The Empress is a wonderful way to harness her energy.
Some good affirmations are:
I am worthy of abundance.
I embrace my creative spirit.
I am beautiful.
I will let my love flow into the world.
2. Meditation
Meditating with The Empress card allows you to understand her at a deeper level.
Simply find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed and lay the card in front of you. Stare at the card for a while, letting your mind be free of unrelated thoughts. As you stare at the card, keep a note of what thoughts spring to mind.
What messages are you receiving about The Empress?
3. Journal
Write down a list of ways you can nurture yourself. The Empress is a card of love and nurture, not just towards others but to ourselves too.
What areas of your life have you been neglecting your needs?
Writing down a list of ways you can nurture and look after yourself is highly recommended and promotes self-love and abundance for oneself.
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Let The Empress's Loving Energy Wrap Around You
This card promotes joy and abundance and is often very welcome in a Tarot card reading.
The Empress makes us feel secure and nurtured. She is the archetype mother and brings that sense of comfort and joy we feel when we feel totally safe and at ease.
Let The Empress' warm and loving energy guide and help you. Embrace the abundance that comes into your life and let your creative spirit shine through.